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Stoffel Vandoorne after two difficult F1 seasons: “A positive experience”

Despite the difficult time that Stoffel Vandoorne during his two F1 seasons with McLaren has lived Vandoorne McLaren enormously grateful for the opportunities that he of the team has gotten, so let him know during an interview with ‘’.

In 2013, it looked all very well for Stoffel Vandoorne. Our fellow countryman, was very successful in the lower racing classes and was included in the McLaren Young Driver Programme. McLaren was then no longer to the absolute top, but it was years before even become third in the constructeurskampioenschap and was able to for wins to compete.

Over the past two seasons if Vandoorne for the McLaren F1 team driving but in contrast to 2012 was McLaren, now a renstal in crisis. The two seasons at McLaren were previously an agony for Vandoorne but it still looks Vandoorne back positively on his two seasons in F1 with McLaren.

“I see it still as a very positive experience,” said Vandoorne on the question of whether he thinks that the Formula 1 is disappointing. “Still the Formula 1, one of the toughest championships in the world.”

Vandoorne as much as possible, try to enjoy his time in Formula 1, even though it was a particularly difficult time at McLaren. The same McLaren played an important role in the career of our compatriot, and and he continues to McLaren enormously grateful.

“I have a good time here and had many friends at the school. And it is ultimately thanks to McLaren that I got the chance to be in Formula 1 to drive, after me also had supported in the GP2 and Super Formula.”

Despite the break with McLaren and the move to the Formula E in a Mercedes backed team, think Vandoorne is that he is also in the future have a good relationship with McLaren will be maintained.

“They have played a big role in my career. But at the end of this season comes the end of our time together. I think that the relationship with McLaren always will remain,” decided Vandoorne.

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