So, the next four “Avatar” movies are called

The long-awaited sequel of James cameron’s ‘Avatar’ from 2009 comes in four parts, which in the coming years, the rooms will appear. According to BBC will the films “The Way of Water’, ‘The Seed Bearer’, ‘The Tulkun Rider’ and ‘The Quest for Voices’ called.

The production of four sequels began last year, where Cameron about a recordbudget would have more than $ 1 billion. “The Way of Water’ is scheduled for december 18, 2020, ‘The Seed Bearer’ is released on december 17, 2021 in the halls and the other two parts on december 20, 2024, and december 19, 2025. Everything will be in 3D.

‘Avatar’ is still the most profitable film of all time. Cameron directed also the number two on the list of most profitable movies: “Titanic.” Also blockbusters “Terminator 2: Judgment Day’ and ‘Aliens’ are from his hand.

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