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Shaqiri should Liverpool not go to Belgrade for the Champions League match: “We have rumors collected…”

Xherdan Shaqiri is missing in the selection of Liverpool for the spaniard in the Champions League against Red Star Belgrade. According to Jürgen Klopp, the manager of the Reds, the midfielder in protection taken because of him, otherwise a very hostile reception in Serbia would wait.

Red Star Belgrade

06/11 18:55


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The Swiss man of Kosovo Albanian origin, came last summer during the world cup, the Serbian supporters in front of the head by a goal against Serbia in a provocative way to celebrate. He formed with his hands a double-headed eagle, the symbol of the Albanian flag. In addition, however, he the Serbian supporters, who held him in constant uitfloot, Kosovo vlagjes on his shoes to play.

The political relations between Serbia and on the other hand, Albania and Kosovo are still very sensitive. Jürgen Klopp wants the matter is not on the top float and let Shaqiri therefore at home.

“We’re going to the fantastic city of Belgrade, as a football team to football to play. We also have rumours collected about the receipt that Shaq would get, and though we don’t know what would happen, we want nothing but 100 percent on football focus. Shaq is not there and he accepts and understands that. He is our player, we love him and he will still often play, but not Tuesday.”

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