Ryan Reynolds makes Hugh Jackman look ridiculous with nepspotje

Ryan Reynolds makes his friend and fellow actor Hugh Jackman ridiculous with a fake commercial.

Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds has a new ‘smear campaign’ organised by his friend and colleague Hugh Jackman. The two actors are already on for a while with each other (online) is ridiculous. The latest mockery is a real nepspotje for an Oscar nomination for Jackman.

Jackman’s new film, The Front Runner, at the end of november in premiere, by critics, well received and, therefore, creates a chance for the prices to fall at the upcoming Oscar ceremony. Reynolds tries this with a slander-video at all costs to avoid.

“The performance of Hugh Jackman in The Front Runner does a lot of people think that he is there a price for it. But before the vote starts, people would go to these facts must listen”, says the Deadpool actor in his video, before he made a series of false facts plugs.

“Hugh Jackman is not his real name is Hugh Michael Jackman. He talks with a cute accent, but he just out of Milwaukee.”

Reynolds then goes through, but closes positive with the message that everyone made the movie of his Australian buddy from Milwaukee.

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