René van der Jibe: ‘Nicolette Kluijver is really a bitch’

Nicolette presented RTL Boulevard when the subject is brought up. “I’m going to miss him terribly, but he is my friend, so we kept in contact with each other. It’s just not fun”, so she left in the broadcast to know.

René will find that but a cowardly reaction, so let him know in Veronica Inside. “Then I think: hey just what’s on your heart, say what happens is, say what you think, say, or the RTL or the Dennis z’n error. But just say what you know man, don’t be so weird. What is it about? It is not about anything. And then that bitch me a party to giggle. Then I think: come on, man, you’re mature.”

Dennis himself felt compelled for Nicolette to take in the News. “I think it’s really, really good. Nicolette is anything but a bitch. She was really between two fires, she has absolutely r d best to me as well as possible to defend. (…) I love her.”

Dennis recently got to hear that his contract with RTL not been extended. According to the rumors, take Art Rooijakkers the baton from him.

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