Pregnant Amy Schumer has the heavy

The comedienne and her husband Chris are expecting their first child.

Comedian Amy Schumer does not have it easy during the first months of her pregnancy. It was difficult for her, she told us last weekend during her first show, since it is known that she is pregnant.

“I don’t like it. I have a really tough pregnancy until now”, she told her audience in Las Vegas. They also made jokes about the sex of the baby. “Everyone seems to be psychic, but I estimate the odds at fifty-fifty. The probability is greater than in Vegas. I don’t know what it will be, I think, a baby.”

The I Feel Pretty-star went in on her recent arrest during a protest in Washington against the appointment of judge Brett Kavanaugh in the supreme court. She said that her pregnancy “the biggest reason why was that I wanted to go.”

Amy Schumer and her husband Chris made at the end of October known as a first child to expect. Amy and Chris were married last February, a few months after they were proposed by the assistant, Amy, who is the sister of Chris.

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