Pamela Anderson is against the MeToo-movement

Pamela Anderson

“Feminism can also go too far. I’m a feminist, but I think that the current generation of too many whines. It paralyzes men,” says the 51-year-old blonde. And also when it comes to the MeToo movement has Had a strong opinion. “This whole movement is to me too much. I’m sorry, I’m probably burned to what I’m about to say… But my mother taught me that you never have to go to a hotel room with a stranger.”

The sex symbol of the nineties is itself not averse to a little bit exposed here and there, but she’s never in a nasty situation. Even when she was in the Playboy Mansion in an orgy stumbled, she felt safe. “Playboy gave me a lot of power, and no one has ever me forced to do something,” she explains.

In an earlier interview with The Sun, she told more about the details. “Everyone was naked in the cave and then they went suddenly all were. I followed them and thought: ’What would there to the hand?” Seven girls were one by one involved with Hugh Hefner. The were beautiful girls in all sizes and shapes. It was erotic and playful, but innocent.”

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