Nicky Romero opens ontbijtweek

DJ Nicky Romero

The theme of the National school breakfast is A party for everyone. 2500 primary school children in the coming days a healthy breakfast. In 275 municipalities start the children their first meal of the day with their mayor. All schools will receive a breakfast that is delicious and yet healthy foods, such as whole grain bread, gluten-free crackers, margarine, 30+ cheese, strawberry jam, fruit/groentespread, semi-skimmed milk and skimmed yogurt.

Wednesday is the traditional Binnenhofontbijt place. 25 students from primary school to use together with as many members of the First and Second Room and a good breakfast in the Atrium of the Hague city hall. Each year in the educational ontbijtweek raised money for a good purpose and that is the Foundation for children’s welfare stamps.

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