Mosques are demanding that Twitter account of Wilders raises

The dome of Turkish mosques in the Netherlands demands that Twitter account politician Geert Wilders raises. If not, then get the organization to the court, reports the newspaper Algemeen Dagblad.

The Turkish-Islamic Cultural Federation (TICF), which speaks on behalf of 144 Turkish mosques in the Netherlands, suggests that many of Wilders’ statements are inconsistent with the terms of use of Twitter.

Therefore, the company would his account have to lift. If it does not, start the foundation a legal procedure to Twitter to do so to compel, the lawyer of the dome, Ejder Köse.

In addition, the dome in four islamic countries to make a report against Twitter. It comes to Turkey, Morocco, Pakistan and Indonesia. In those countries, many of Wilders’ statements are punishable, sets Köse.

‘Twitter offers Wilders a platform for his hate-propaganda and distribute it worldwide. This is not only Wilders, but also Twitter is punishable in these countries. The world is bigger than the Netherlands.’

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