More media to fend off controversial movie Trump

WASHINGTON – The American channels NBC and Fox News stopped the broadcast of a controversial verkiezingsspot of president Donald Trump and the Republican Party over the migrantenkaravaan in Mexico. Also on Facebook is the movie to see. The stations gave no reason for the removal of the ad and kept it with the actual announcement that it no longer is displayed on all the channels.

President Trump will address specifically the election campaign.

The choice of NBC to the spot in the first instance to broadcast, led to fierce online protests from Hollywood celebrities and ordinary Americans. Previously refused news channel CNN all the movie not to broadcast it because, according to the station ,,racist” message.

In advertising, that Sunday night was broadcast during an audience American game at titan is claimed that the caravan is full of dangerous criminals”. It is also claimed that the Democrats are the killer, Luis Bracamontes, an illegal immigrant, was access to the U.S. have provided.

Meanwhile, it appears that is not under Democratic governance, but at the time of the administration of George Bush jr. Bracamontes the USA was entered. He was by Democratic president Bill Clinton understand the US turned off at the end of years ’90.

According to a reporter from Honduras with the caravan travels, it consists not dangerous criminals, but especially from men, women and children of violence, poverty, and political oppression to escape.

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