Michiel De Meyer scores starring role in the Teen Musical Crap

After the success of Kadanza, Kadanza Together, Unidamu and Team U. P present Teen and Studio 100 is a brand new edition of Teen Musical: CRAP!
Sunday was in the Startshow of Teen Musical announced which 24 children, after an extensive audition were selected to play in the new musical MESS!. Who is going on 9 march 2019 premiere. Monday came the Ketnetters to know that none other than Michiel De Meyer (known from at Home and the winner of Steracteur Sterartiest) the second adult lead role for will account, in addition to the previously announced lead actress Maureen Vanherberghen.
“I was already in the early fan of the Teen Musical,” says Michiel De Meyer. “Last year I was present at the premiere: I have a number of people approached and asked if I ever could join. Now the time has come: I have megaveel sense. I feel myself still very young, so really feel at home with the young team of Teen Musical. Together with the team, I am ready for it!!”

Teen Musical: the story
On a small square between blocks of flats, there is a mess. And not a little bit also. What was once a square, was where young people could skate or play football or just hang out, is now a deposit. Dimitri, the stadsarbeider who is responsible for this square, has organized clean-ups discontinued. It has no meaning. Everyone keeps garbage on the square ditch. To a couple of kids, thoroughly fed up and in action! Aided by Dimitri, and secretary Claire they try this collapses again to a square where everyone has a place. CRAP! is a lively musical with an urban twist and with attention to ecology. The musical is a mix of songs from the Studio 100 – and Teen-repertoire, supplemented with a number of new songs.

Teen Musical: the course
After a preliminary selection were this summer, more than 1,200 candidates and 24 children retained.
On 4 november, the Ketnetters during a spectacular Startshow to know who the 24 young talents that will shine in the musical of 2019: CRAP!.
From Monday 5 to Thursday 22 november (time to 17.05 and 19.05) see the Ketnetters the 24 young people to work with during the Bootcamp. Here are they singing, acting and dansrepetities, and other workshops. They are preparing for the musical, learning the first numbers, and meet the masculine principal: Michiel De Meyer

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