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Malta: From the Krypto-island is a crypto and AI island

Recently presented Silvio Schembri, Malta’s Secretary of state for financial services, the digital economy and Innovation, Malta’s Vision for Artificial intelligence (AI), The Maltese government would like to from the crypto-island a crypto and AI island. The goal of a national strategy for AI, and the Integration of Artificial intelligence and other technologies such as the Distributed Ledger technology (DLT).

Malta’s government is known for its openness to crypto and the Blockchain. So welcomed the Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat in March, the crypto-exchange Binance with your move from Japan to Malta. And already in April 2017 was Malta’s government, a national Chain, strategy to develop. At the time, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said:

“It is not just about Bitcoin, I am also looking forward to the Blockchain technology in the land register and the national health registers to implement. Malta may be in this respect, a global pioneer.“

From the Krypto-island of a crypto – KI-island

Also in the framework of the KI-Vision, the painted builds on the government on their Blockchain strategy. In the announcement referred to the government of the country as the “Blockchain island” and himself as “the first, the DLT-based products and services regulated”. Now, the government wants Malta to be one of the Top 10 countries with AI-guidelines. One of the key points in the development of a national AI strategy in line with other technologies such as IoT, or DLT. Also want to work with the Maltese on a Directive for AI-ethics and Malta as an investment location more attractive.

Citizenship test for robots using Blockchain

In order to meet these objectives, has established the Maltese leadership of an AI task force. Even if it is not, in Artificial intelligence, plays the Blockchain on a Central role. Because part of this task force is also SingularityNET. SingularityNET runs on Ethereum and is a marketplace for AI services and service providers. And some of these services are stuck in Sophia. Sophia is a human-like robot and was of Hanson Robotics developed. At the presentation of the KI-Vision Sophia was there, together with the Maltese politicians and SingularityNET CEO, Dr. Ben Goertzel. In October of last year, got Sophia a citizenship of Saudi Arabia. Together with SingularityNET Malta wants to build out and developed in the framework of a pilot project on a citizenship test for robots.

Germany is moving forward with Blockchain slow

Other governments have made in terms of Blockchain & co. also recently. The Emirate of Dubai announced only a few days ago with the “Dubai Blockchain Platform” the digitalization of the state administration. Also, investors in Venezuela’s Petro for a few days of purchase, even if the Start is bumpy was. Germany on the other hand, the impression of missing out on the technological Revolution.

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