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Lawyer Vertenten steals the show with scarf of football, ruling within eight days

The court of appeal in Antwerp shall, within eight days, judgment sheets on the wrakingsverzoek of referee Bart Vertenten in the ‘Operation Clean Hands’. Hans Rieder, the lawyer of referee Bart Vertenten, stole for the commencement of the session, the show with a scarf of the Belgian football association the court to walk.

Referee Bart Vertenten had a wrakingsverzoek against judge George Raskin, that the fraud in the Belgian football. The court of appeal in Antwerp fell today on that request. Vertenten himself was not present, football agent Dejan Veljkovic challenged, however, as one of the stakeholders in this case.

Rieder stole for the commencement of the session, the show with an eye-catching scarf from the Belgian football federation to arrive. He claimed then that judge George Raskin to withdraw from the case because he himself still until mid-march, sat on the licensing committee of the Belgian Football association (belgian football association).

According to Rieder, ensures that for a big legal problem, because the research Operation Clean Hands in January this year has already started. The lawyer speaks of conflicts of interest.

‘Inadmissible and unfounded’

The Public Prosecutor mentions the wrakingsverzoek however, the ” inadmissible and unfounded’. ‘From what was at the zittingsblad of the court appearance at the trial was, it is clear that the defense had already had knowledge of the fact that judge Raskin in the license commission of the Royal Belgian Football association is or was’, argues federal prosecutor Jan Kerkhofs. ‘The was ‘was’. Yet they let three days pass before the wrakingsverzoek on 22 October was submitted. The wrakingsrecht must however immediately be exercised, prior to the commencement of the pleadings. Here was thus late filed.’

The attorney will find, moreover, that the wrakingsverzoek also unfounded. The defence of referee Vertenten blame Raskin conflicts of interest, because he was to march 17, 2018, as a member of the licensing committee. “But I don’t see any personal interest, the investigating judge can have. The man has nothing to do with the selection of referees. Its mere link with the belgian football association is insufficient to allow him to wreck.’

Raskin refused earlier to step aside

Raskin himself gave previously in writing that he refuses to step aside, which the court of appeal in Antwerp is now independent must decide. Against that decision is still open to appeal. So it is wait and see what consequences it wrakingsverzoek will have.

Bart Vertenten was on October 11, held in the investigation of fraud and match fixing in the Belgian football. The 30-year-old referee was in suspicion of bribery and criminal organization. On October 16, he appeared before the court in Tongeren.

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