Lawyer Asia Bibi: ‘Pakistan can’t stop’

The lawyer of Asia Bibi, a persecuted christian in Pakistan, said during a press conference in the Netherlands that the Pakistani government Bibi can not stop to flee the country. He himself has found shelter in the Netherlands.

Asia Bibi was eight year in the row after allegations of blasphemy, but at the end of October yet released by the supreme court. The strict religious party, Tehreek-e-Labbaik (TLP) went noisily to the streets to protest against her release. To the riot, to appease, to ditch the government to deal with TLP, to Bibi on a list of people that the country is not allowed to leave. “There is no legal ground to put her on such a list,” says her lawyer, Saif-ul-Malook from a press conference in the Netherlands.

Saif-ul-Malook called Bibi’s release is an historical moment. ‘Ultimately, we have shown that there is no convincing evidence was for her fault, ” he said. Yet it is the fate of the woman remains unclear. TLP may petition the supreme court, asking the verdict to be revised.

Since the judgment life Bibi and her family went into hiding, her lawyer has fled to the Netherlands. The husband of Bibi has sent a video message to all political asylum, asked to the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada. For the moment, the ambassadors of the three countries have not yet responded, but in the Netherlands say government parties CDA and D66 her to want to absorb.

According to Ul-Malook has a UN representative in Pakistan to the dossier of him taken. “I’m not happy that I’m here without her, but I was a primary become targets and must flee. The UN envoy said that they were working on a destination for Bibi, but wanted to be there for the sake of the safety-nothing about it, ” he said.

Himself, he fled via Italy to the Netherlands, with the help of the foundation Help Persecuted Christians. Ul-Malook has no asylum application submitted.

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