Kurt Rogiers victim of #MeToo

Kürt Rogiers says in The Morning that the #MeToo affair with him has been touched. “I already have lots of new experiences which I think: if I been a woman, this could not by the bracket. Women who have me intimidated. At the time of Wittekerke earned I what with actes de présence. One night I had to occur in a danscafé in Waregem. The curtain opened, and a multitude of wild women jump on me. They pulled my hair and grabbed me in my crotch. The week after, I’m at the doctor. My balls were black and blue pinched. Recently I have experienced that a figurante with her hand in the back of my pants was. I respond never try me as soon as possible from the feet to create. But I feel that the me heavy ambeteert, because in the meantime it’s only happened once.”

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