Khloé emotional look back cheating Tristan

“This episode is very uncomfortable and super emotional for me”, said Khloé in a clip from the series on Instagram. “But when we ten years ago started this show, we would have voted you our lives. The good, The bad and the ugly.”

She hopes that not only they, but also viewers learn something of its problems and that they uplift the lives of other people that have a difficult time going through. “Know that you’re never alone in your suffering, and that everything is temporary; pain, joy, fear. Be thankful for the experiences that your character will strengthen, and you create who you are.”

At the beginning of april published Daily Mail photos of Tristan during an intimate moment with another woman. TMZ followed with images of a couple of hours later that the woman is the hotel of the profbasketballer enter. The entertainmentsite also set a video of Tristan with another woman at a different location. A few days after the images were published, gave birth to Khloé of daughter True. The realityster decided her relationship even to give a chance.

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