Jens Dendoncker start with the second season, How Shall I Say?

The mailbox of Jens Dendoncker ran over the past year, full again and that can only mean one thing: ‘How Shall I Say?’ to the rescue. How do you tell your teenage son for the honderdduizendste time that he also agrees with the dog needs to go for a walk? How do you say to your colleague that he finally got his license should be removed? Or how do you make your cousin clearly that his pants need to go up? A combination of warm, emotional and stoutere messages. The result: a new season full of witty “what the fuck has just happened?”-just a few short moments and even some emotional “has anyone a zakdoekske?”-situations.

At Shelter, we are humour, originality and international appeal as a high priority. We believe greatly in the power of laughter and hope is always possible to reach people and connect. “How Will I Say this?’ is there in the past year, even though we say so ourselves, particularly well managed. The first season achieved weekly 700.000 viewers (live+7), closed, meanwhile, 8 international productiedeals, won several prizes, including the C21 award for ‘Best Comedy’ in Cannes and is now nominated for an Emmy Award. We started at the beginning of this year, at the request of VTM full of enthusiasm for a new season.

But that went anything but smoothly: Jens appeared suddenly no noble stranger, and fell literally by the hidden camera basket. A strict diet, he saw a total of not sitting, so tapped we forced out another keg. We switched him in as a speaking dog that is his master to the order of calls, saw to it that it is under one’s hat played with the wife and daughter of Alex Agnew or came up with a candid, whereby the net is very important to be recognized. It was just sweat, but we are proud of the result.

On the 19th of november is D-day, because certainly the International Emmy committee, or the major international televisieprijs for us. And although that’s quite exciting is, we look especially forward to the reaction of the viewer that same night the first episode of the new season of ‘How Will I Say this?’ are presented. Because it is mainly they that we have a nice evening, want to deliver with original television where you happy.

Let’s rewind: at the end of 2013. The then wildly unknown Jens Dendoncker was by a couple of fellow stand-up comedians to the stage opgeschopt. As meanwhile known: with success. Just a few months after his stand-up debut was Jens declared the winner of the Humorklas of Radio 2, and later followed the jury – and audience award of the Dutch Culture Comedy Award, the Lunatic Comedy Award in his own country, he won Humo’s Comedy Cup and went in the past few months – until mid 2019 by the way – the track with his first solo show ‘be Afraid of Dendoncker’. At Shelter he went two years to return to work as an editor, but after a few hilarious weeks, it happened what had to: he was promptly bombarded to the presenter of ‘How Will I Say this?’.

Episode 1:
Alex Agnew, it is a dear man, but he can not stand his loss. If even a game of game of goose with her daughter already causes problems, to find his wife Yasmine and daughter Amy that enough is enough. The comedian who not always can laugh, does not understand what is going on is when the head teacher calling after Amy “throw a tantrum got.” Three guesses as to why.

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