Jan and Manu let their heart speak and choose their favorite in Farmer seeks Wife

In Farmer seeks Wife – Around The World have three of the five farmers for their ultimate choice is already made. Last week saw the viewers how Jeroen earlier than expected in full for Severien chose. Also in Canada was a bite the bullet. Bjorn continues with rechtenstudente Evelyn.

On Monday 5 november depart Jeroen with Severien on romantic trip. They look forward to their first night in a five-star hotel in typical German style. Jeroen is not under the chairs or benches that he is physically up to Severien attracted. In Norway, staying Jitse three days with Emily in the charming city of Bergen. At this picturesque place, situated between seven mountains, amazing Jitse Emily on the street with a surprising move. Bjorn enjoys quality time with his favorite Evelyn. As a good cupid fitting, has An Lemmens for them an enchanting trip along the most beautiful national parks planned.

Manu and Jan must choose which lady they their hearts want to give, but they find it both difficult to find someone to hurt. Manu and his ladies are during a pleasant trip surprised by Dina, who requires a final choice to make. Manu are in doubt between Hilde, who her feelings, dare to show, and Christine, who finds that the man the woman must conquer. Jan makes his decision in the evening to a campfire. He is sure of his choice, but Laura and Romina have no idea who the lucky one is.

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