Iran will ‘proudly’ American sanctions work

Iran is going to the new U.s. sanctions on Monday strength be ‘proud to work’. That the Iranian president Hassan Rohani said.

“I announce that we are proud of illegal and unfair sanctions go around, since they go against international law,’ said Rohani in a televised address.

The American president Donald Trump announced last week that he the sanctions against Iran, which were lifted in the framework of the nuclear agreement with Iran to 2015, again enter. The sanctions are aimed primarily at the oil and financial industry.

In may of this year announced that Trump that the US withdrew from it, according to him, poor agreement, which was concluded between Iran, the five permanent members of the UN Security council, Germany and the European Union.

“We find ourselves in a situation of economic war and we are faced with the power of intimidation. I do not think that there is in the White House ever been someone who so goes against the international law and the international conventions, ” said Rohani.

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