Inter-trainer to be on his guard: ’Without Messi, they are all good..’

Luciano Spalletti speaks

“Every child dreams to become a footballer, would the shirt of Messi and want to have”, said coach Luciano Spalletti of Inter. “Messi is the icing on the cake at FC Barcelona. They are all very good, as they have the past few matches without Messi again. But he is the best player in the world. Messi does everything twice as fast as all the other professional footballers. Anyone who is against Messi plays, should be concerned. But it will be our attitude does not change, we go out of our own strength.”

Without Messi won the Barcelona two weeks ago in Camp Nou with 2-0 to Inter. The Spaniard is now returning in the selection, he formally still get permission from the medical staff to resume play.

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