‘If you don’t dig for missing girl, we are doing it for themselves’

Two Dutch men do not understand why the police refuse to in Koekange (Drenthe) to dig to the body of the in 1992 disappeared Willeke Dost. A search with zoekhonden pointed out that the place is at least suspicious to call, but the police do nothing.

Twenty-six years ago, for example, a 15-year-old Willeke Dost disappeared from the farm of her foster parents. A mysterious disappearance, which, in recent years, have not been clarified himself.

There was, however, tried. More even: the foundation Signi Zoekhonden put last year a search with three zoekhonden and a radar and sent a report to the police that there is 150 metres behind the farm is a place where, clearly dug.

It would be according to the voluntary officers so best that human remains are found. But the police did, according to them, nothing to do with the information. Klaasje Wopken, the aunt of Willeke, sitting with the hands in the hair.

In the Dutch regional channel RTV Drenthe call Ab Bruintjes and Jan Huzen, who has spent years committed to the search for interested in going on to still digging.

Saturday afternoon went to the men themselves digging on the location. “You here white floor to top, which means that there is dug,” they say. “We have good evidence that they are here.’ They emphasize that the dogs are stopped and that the radar has shown that there deep.

Suspicious, but not suspicious enough for the police to go digging. The men hope by the commotion and a petition of the agents still get. “We hope that they are so wise. Until next Friday, they have the time to do it. Otherwise we do it ourselves.’

The police report only that in the coming week for consultations with the Public Prosecutor.

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