“I am a jewish male nurse who saves lives of the anti-semitic shooter of Pittsburgh

The anti-semitic gunman in the synagogue of Pittsburgh eleven people killed and six others injured, has his life thanks to at least three jewish workers. “I wish empathy.’

Robert Bowers was after his attack in the synagogue of Pittsburgh, shot by the police. He was transported for care. “He was my hospital brought in while he “just want jews to kill!” cried. But the first three people that he cared for, were jewish, ” said doctor Jeff Cohen to USA Today.

Cohen was not the only jewish worker that Bowers kept. Also nurse Ari Mahler was of service when Bowers was brought in. Mahler is the son of a rabbi. Only hours before, he was anxious for news of his parents, the wait for that morning to the synagogue were gone.

The shooter did not know that Mahler was jewish, and thanked him for his concern. “I wish empathy’, wrote Mahler in a Facebookpost. “The best way to the victims to honour, was like to be a jew to prove that he was wrong.’

Mahler shows that it is not surprised by the attack. He fears that it is a matter of time before the next occurs. “My heart longs for change, but the climate of today do not promote care, tolerance or civility.’

The nurse decides that an act of love is more powerful than words. ‘It is love in the face of evil that hope to others. It shows humanity.’

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