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Frenchman Stéphane Lefebvre won the Condroz rally

The Frenchman Stéphane Lefebvre (Citroen C3 WRC) has Sunday the Condroz rally won. In the final race of the BK loved, he had to finish 14.2 on first pursuer Adrian Fernemont (Skoda Fabia R5). Cédric Cherain (Skoda Fabia R5) finished third.

In the first round of five klassementsritten was there Sunday morning bright gebikkeld and won Verschueren (Skoda Fabia R5), Baugnet (Citroën C3, R5) and Fernemont any one journey. Cherain won two, so he Verschueren into third place wipte. Leader Lefebvre entered is not in the debates and checked out the competition.

At the start of the second round pushed the Frenchman to the accelerator a little deeper in, he won the sixth klassementsrit of the day and extended his lead on the first pursuer Fernemont. The Frenchman politely, and not much later was an exciting moment, when he had his shock absorber is damaged. He knew, however, to limit the damage to 4.3 loss of time. Fernemont narrowed the gap to 13.9, but that was it.

Lefebvre’s victory in the 45th rally of the Condroz was never really in danger. After Sébastien Loeb (2013) is Lefebvre the second Frenchman on the hall of fame. A victory that was overshadowed by the tragic accident on Saturday, where Rik Vanlessen, the corijder of Steve Matterne, was killed. BMA Autosport, the team of Matterne and Belgian champion Kris Princen retired out of respect for his rider back from the race.

So there was a sad end to a beautiful championship, with Kris Princen and Vincent Verschueren to in the penultimate match of the BK for the title fight. A battle that was won by the 44-year-old Princen, who for the second time in his career, after 1999, the Belgian title conquered.

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