French can entire month of gasoline to the purchase price refueling

Due to a massive protest against the sharp rise in fuel prices offer the supermarket chains Leclerc and Carrefour in their petrol stations in France over the coming weeks, fuel at purchase price. In a year’s time, increased the price of diesel in the south with 23 percent, that of gasoline with 15 percent.

The increase of the fuel prices is to a large part due to the higher price for crude oil, but the displeasure of the French, is mainly directed against the government, and in particular against the high taxes that they earned on fuel. In addition, the French government plans to reduce the excise duty from 1 January, in the fight against climate change.

An online petition against the high prices could count on hundreds of thousands of sympathizers. On november 17, plans campaigners blockades on highways.

The discontent of the average Frenchman can also count on the understanding of the large supermarket chains. The group Leclerc held on 3 and 4 november, an action which, in its 684 petrol stations, fuel, purchase price, sold. Because of the success of that stunt, ” decided the retail chain him to extend until the end of the month. ‘The discontent of today is rightly’, says chairman of the board of directors, Michel-Édouard Leclerc. “It is important that we send a signal to the government.’

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By the massive publicity for Leclerc also saw competitor Carrefour were forced to take action. Drivers can from 5 to 17 november it will be available at more than 200 petrol stations of the retail chain, cheaper to refuel.

The French Economy minister, Bruno Le Maire, gave Monday’s always nice to know that the government does not intend to bind in. The increase in excise duty on January 1 is not deleted. “We can the ecological transition, the transformation of the French fleet, not delete.’

President Emmanuel Macron defends Monday in the newspaper L’alsace the decision. He says that it is better to fuel tax than labour.

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