French arrest warrant for Syrian officials

PARIS – French prosecutors have an international arrest warrant issued against a high Syrian wild and two high-ranking military. The three are suspected of involvement in the commission of war crimes. Among the three is Ali Mamlouk, the head of the Syrian secret service. He is considered to be one of the main advisors of president Bashar al-Assad.

Bashar al-Assad.

Also against Jamil Hassan, a commander of the Syrian air force, and luchtmachtofficier Abdel Salam Mahmoud is an arrest warrant issued. The latter is claimed that he was a prison which led was located at the military airport of the Syrian capital, Damascus.

The reason for the search warrant is for years the French investigation into the disappearance of two French-Syrian men. Father Mazen and son Patrick Dabbagh were in 2013 by the secret service of Syria, arrested and have since disappeared. The two were arrested after a raid of the Syrian secret service in the house of the family in Damascus.

The family Dabbagh has Syrian documents in your possession which would prove that Patrick in 2014, and Loopholes in 2017 in captivity died.

“This is a first triumph, and hopefully the beginning of a new era of justice and accountability for crimes against humanity committed in Syria,” said Obeida Dabbagh, the brother of Mazen, and uncle of Patrick in a comment. Obeida has joined forces with the lawyers and mensenrechtengroepen made efforts to pay attention for the vermissingszaak.

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