French, and German president commemorate wwi

The French and the German presidents, Emmanuel Macron, and Frank-Walter Steinmeier, have a week filled with commemorations of world War I going to be kicked with a concert in Strasbourg. On the program of the concert for peace in Europe was, according to the Elysée work of Beethoven and Debussy.

After this first stage in Strasbourg makes Macron a multi-day tour along eleven departments in the north and east of France, to iconic sites of world war I (1914-1918) to visit, including Verdun and Reims. This will help the 40-year-old president, who is dropping in the polls, back into contact with the French, wrote the newspaper Le Monde.

Macron will of the opposition, the accusation that he is merely the president of the rich and the cities. Now he will have a week far from Paris and the major cities spend, with the exception of Strasbourg, and about fifteen medium-sized cities such as Charleville-Mezieres visit. Each stage will offer the opportunity to the concerns of the visited areas to cut, which, again, try to stand up after the decline of the industry and profound changes in agriculture affected’, stressed the Elysée.

The tour ends on Sunday 11 november under the Arc de Triomphe, where the president is the flame of the unknown soldier will ignite in the presence of a hundred foreign heads of state and government. Among the presidents, Donald Trump, and Vladimir Putin are expected.

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