Frances Lefebure risking human life

Each day get 30 the Belgians had a heart attack. For 28 among them that are fatal, often because bystanders do not act out of ignorance. On Tuesday, november 6, risk Make Belgium Great Again in the slotaflevering a lifetime… to a lifetime to save. Because something to do is better than nothing to do, says Walter Renier of Basic Life Support Belgium. “People think that they are not unable to revive him. But nothing is less true. You can don’t do anything wrong, you can only be someone in the life.”

A family from Londerzeel understands as no other how important it is to immediately intervene with a heart attack. The 18-year-old Keoni saw his life 2 years ago suddenly to a thread hang. Thanks to the quick cpr from his brother, he can his story still to tell about it. The importance of a course in cpr underline put Make Belgium Great Again an experiment with hidden cameras on legs. Some unsuspecting people are faced with an unexpected cardiac arrest. Who dares to interfere? And who cramped out of fear? That the results are hallucinatory, it soon becomes clear. “I felt so powerless, a feeling that I never want to experience”, it sounds unanimous.

Also Red Noses Day tries of our country a better place. The goeddoelactie committed this year for the mental health of young people at school. The step to Make Belgium Great Again is so small and therefore looking for Frances Lefebure, the 17-year-old Manou from Vremde, who for years with a chronic depression suffers. “Young people are the biggest part of the time at school. That is their safe place,” says Manou. “Without the help of my teacher I was here maybe not more.” Frances and Manou call as much as possible schools to a Red Neuzenschool to be.

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