First migrantenkaravaan arrived in Mexico City

About 1,700 migrants from Central America have arrived in Mexico City, as a stopover to the United States. To do this they need at least another thousand kilometers to bridge.

The migrants from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador gathered Sunday in a stadium in the Mexican capital.

It is going to be a vanguard of the so-called migrantenkaravaan where president Donald Trump for weeks for alerts, and which he also used in his election campaign for the mid-term American legislative elections.

A further approximately 2,000 migrants are on the route of the southern Oaxaca to Puebla. These people have distinguished themselves in several small groups split up. The government of the state of Veracruz offered to these people transport by truck. Due to the presence of drug cartels in this region, after all, it is dangerous to be on foot to move.

Two other migrantenkaravanen are located even further south, in the Mexican state of Chiapas. It comes to around 1,500 people from Honduras and 2,000 from El Salvador.

Most of the migrants are fleeing the violence and poverty in their own country. The intention is that they will be in Mexico City with human rights groups and lawyers with their situation can discuss.

The shortest road from Mexico City to the U.s. state of Texas is 1,000 kilometres and goes through dangerous territory. The more secure way in the direction of California is 2,800 miles long.

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