Feyenoord – VVV next month replayed

The lampposts of the De Kuip Stadium have failed. Supporters of Feyenoord stitches massively their mobile phone in the air and activate the zaklampfunctie in their smartphone football season

Last Sunday was The Cockpit with power outages, causing referee Bas Nijhuis a minute forced the duel to stop.

The Feijenoord stadium has now the problems become obsolete, that the power outage in the stadium caused. “The problem was really here in the stadium, as we already yesterday immediately suspected’, responds stadiondirecteur Jan van Merwijk on the club from Feyenoord. “Part of the technique appears to have broken down and will be replaced. There we have a couple of days, mainly because we after replacement of the broken parts good want to test.”

In addition, there is a so-called workaround is created. “This backup will ensure that even in the very unlikely event that this us happening, we still very quickly the lighting can control and a competition so do not need to be discontinued,” says Van Merwijk.

Feyenoord director Jan de Jong is happy that the fans of both Liverpool as a TOURIST, despite the disappointment, very sporty set up. “Our supporters and also those of OT will earn a great compliment for the way in which they this very disappointing evening have undergone.”

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