Felix van Groeningen gets the Breakthrough Director Award from Brad Pitt

During the 22nd Gala of the Hollywood Film Awards in Los Angeles, Felix van Groeningen tonight is the Hollywood Breakthrough Director Award. This is his American debut feature Beautiful Boy. The trophy he received from the hands of Brad Pitt. Also the Hollywood Supporting Actor Award went to Beautiful Boy, more given to Timothée Chalamet. The Hollywood Film Awards are denominated is traditionally the Awards Season, with as apotheosis the Oscarceremonie in February 2019.

“I’m very honored with this award,” said Felix van Groeningen afterwards. “Beautiful Boy is a film that I am proud of, and that is an important theme quotes. What is addiction, how we look at people who are addicted, how can we help them? And what is the impact on those people like to see? I want Amazon Studios to thank for this film, as well as my fantastic actors Steve Carell and Timothée Chalamet and my employees, and partners in crime (cinematographer), Ruben Impens and (mechanic) Nico Leunen.”

To the great surprise of the attendees was Brad Pitt on the stage to van Groeningen his trophy to hand. Both know each other of Beautiful Boy. The film was by Pitts production company Plan B produced. Pitt said that the story of the film, about a drug-addicted boy with the message of unconditional love in a family is vital in these difficult times. “When meanness is so loud, what better ointment is there, then hope,” he said.
“For me, the power of Felix that he is human intimacy fully able to fathom,” said Chalamet. “He has a sharp eye for these things. He knows human and familial relationships to fully analyze.”

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