“Fatal mold nekte ramptoestel Lion Air’

JAKARTA – It is almost certain that the aviation disaster to ” with a brand new Boeing 737MAX of the Indonesian budget airline Lion Air last week due to a fatal ’cover’ by the pilots. The acute problem was despite all the training in the cockpit as possible, as unexpectedly as unpredictable.

The ramptoestel splashed by landing on the surface of the water right away in peaces.

That says the Dutch luchtvaartdeskundige Benno Brick, himself a retired KLM captain. According to him, arises a cover or ’stall’ according to the Brick like an airplane to low speed during take-off, causing the unit not enough air pressure under the wing has to be in the air. “That’s really crisis management, because the phone then all of a sudden uncontrolled falls from the sky. The required optimum skill of pilots to that threat head on.”

The authorities in Jakarta showed yesterday, after a preliminary examination, know that the speedometer of the plane for a few flights was broken. “If the instruments are not the appropriate indications and the pilots know that is not directly on the correct way to interpret, there can be potentially a life threatening situation arise,” says Brick.

The problem was fixed, but apparently not good enough. Therefore, the airline has come under heavy fire from relatives.

All 189 occupants were killed in the crash in the sea on a domestic flight, a quarter of an hour after the start. Passengers on the previous flight from Bali to Jakarta were according to eyewitnesses already doodsangsten by the highly varying speed and altitude of the device.

Lion Air and Boeing want the complete research to wait and see before drawing conclusions from the crash, which occurred in less than a minute would have taken place. The 737MAX, which was only two months ago from the factory was delivered, collapsed, according to the black box is rapidly down and splashed on contact with the seawater from each other.

The big question is, according to Brick in the extent to which the pilots were aware of the deadly problem. “That would be in procedures and documentation in advance should be clear. But that, unfortunately, sometimes in aviation to be desired.” Brick waiting on further reading of the black boxes, crucial information about the exact cause of the crash.

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