Els De Schepper thought of suicide

Els De Schepper presented The Newspaper last weekend or will they ever be suicide, want to commit. “It is ever in my thoughts passed,” she says. “Absolutely. Not that I ever would have done. But if you are at a point in your life, as I did a few years ago? A heavy burn-out, a car accident, my manager, who virtually all my money was going to run? If you then also only for? And, in addition, physically nothing more can? I see it still for me. With a good friend, I was at home to clean up and I so am strong, had to be something heavy lifting. However: it just fell out of my hands. I had a total of no more power. When I’m on my knees fallen, thinking: if this must be, then do not more for me. Fortunately, I am at the same time blessed with enough common sense and that told me: if it is, then you should do something about that and you should let you help.”

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