Eighty students kidnapped in Cameroon

YAOUNDÉ – an estimated eighty students from a secondary school in the west of Cameroon have been kidnapped. The action is claimed by armed separatists of the English-speaking minority in the African country.

Also the director and two employees of the school are kidnapped. The governor of the province of Nord-Ouest, Adolphe Lele L’afrique, confirmed the incident. The kidnappers have no ransom demanded, but the closure of the school of the kidnapped children, which is located in the northwestern city of Bamenda.

The kidnapping would be intended to create chaos in the English-speaking part of the country. The majority of the roughly 23 million inhabitants of the Central African state of Cameroon speak French, only a minority near the border with Nigeria is English. This minority feels already long injured by the French-speaking majority. The conflict is in 2017 escalated. The English-speaking people to strive become an own state after.

The massaontvoering looks like the invasion of the islamic terrorist organization Boko Haram at a school in Nigeria in 2014, when more than two hundred mainly christian girls were abducted.

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