DrumSpirit Live! in premiere in Ostend

DrumSpirit was the surprise of Belgium’s Got Talent. The creation of a live show was inevitable and is now a fact. The show will premiere on april 14 at Kursaal Oostende. DrumSpirit Live! is a concatenation of the very best of what DrumSpirit has to offer. It is a new and unique musical show full of percussion and visual delights. And that you can literally take. Soon they are together with Niels Destadsbader in the Sportpaleis in antwerp and in april they are in Ostend. Not to be missed

Tickets for the show are now on sale via by telephone on 0900 40 850 (max. € 0,50 /min.) and also at the Box Office in Tourism Ostend. The tickets cost between 25 and 45 euro.

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