Diddy jumps out of plane


The rapper shared for his parachute jump and watch a movie. “I’m on the verge off a plane jump, that I’ve always wanted to do,” he said, while staff are in the harness in order made. “Or actually, no, I did not always do. I’ve only this year started to think about. I wanted to in Dubai do, but that fell through, and then I decided for my birthday to do it.”

In september, Will Smith is a bungee jump over the Grand Canyon for its 50th anniversary, but that was not the inspiration of Diddy, told the year old to know. “I wanted this before I Will Smith off a plane, saw the jump, but he has me inspired. So Will, I don’t want you to think that I am your after-monkey.”

In his Instagram Stories shared Diddy a number of videos of his jump, where he is still short the number I Believe I Can Fly by R. Kelly sang. Later he placed images of his landing, where he by a large crowd of family members was welcomed.

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