Device Lion Air had broken speedometer

JAKARTA – When the downed aircraft of Lion Air was a speedometer. That investigators from the National Transportation Safety Committee (KNKT) in Indonesia published.

The airspeedmeter would be the last four flights all have worked. That make the researchers from the information from the black box with flight data.

This airspeedmeter which the speed in the air is measured would be the last four flights all disable. The researchers have this information from the black box with flight data retrieved last week has been found. It is, according to the experts it is still too early to make statements about the cause of the crash, which is almost certainly to 189 people it has killed.

The nearly new Boeing 737 MAX 8 of Lion Air collapsed last week shortly after take-off down in the java sea. KNKT has Boeing and the U.s. Safety board NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) asked for additional inspections for these devices. Worldwide there are 219 of 737 MAX aircraft delivered.

Monday, the search for bodies and the second black box resumes.

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