Daughter for Avengers-star Josh Brolin

Josh Brolin and Kathryn Boyd

Kathryn shared Sunday a video of the baby, in her sleep, her tongue sticking out. In the background is Josh heard, who endearingly says: “Oh my God, that’s so cute.” The Avengers star shared the same clip on his own Instagram, where he is the small ’a perfect gem’ called.

Westlyn is the first child of Kathryn, who in 2016 with Josh got married. The actor already has two adult children from his first marriage. He married later a second time with Diane Lane, and was briefly engaged to Minnie Driver.

At the end of may took Josh on Instagram known that his third child on the way it was. “There is a new sheriff in town,'” he wrote on Instagram with a photo showing Kathryn her babybuikje showed. “And she is no bigger than a sweet potato.”

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