CSU and the Free Voters to draw Bavarian agreement

MUNICH – The christian democrats CSU and conservative Freie-Wähler (Free Voters) in the South German state of Bavaria, the first black-and-orange coalition ever in Germany signed. That comes under the leadership of Markus Söder of the CSU that Tuesday will be sworn in as minister-president of the government.

Markus Söder (CSU), the leader of the Free Voters Hubert Aiwanger sign the coalition agreement.

The CSU lost three weeks ago the absolute majority in the parliament and was, after years in power forced to form a coalition. After the tough stance in the election campaign against the far right Alternative für Deutschland, were the Free Voters, the most logical partner. That gets in the Bavarian government, three ministers and two secretaries of state.

The CSU fills all the other posts. The government-Söder, a total of eighteen ministers and secretaries of state counts, on november 12, were sworn in. Hubert Aiwanger, leader of the Free Voters, according to the Süddeutsche Zeitung minister of Economy and deputy prime minister. He and his followers have Sunday agreed with the results of the negotiations.

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