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Crucial day for referee Bart Vertenten

The court of appeal in Antwerp, bows Monday on the wrakingsverzoek that referee Bart Vertenten has filed against judge George Raskin, that the fraud in the Belgian football.

Hans Rieder, the attorney for Bart Vertenten, accuses the investigating conflicts of interest, because he also sat on the licensing committee of the Royal Belgian Football association (belgian football association). “How can someone who is affiliated to the football association to decide about the arrest of my client, who as a clerk, a contract has to run?’, asked by the defence counsel.

Raskin refused to step aside, allowing now up to the court of appeal in Antwerp is to decide whether or not he in this matter, judge can continue or not. The wrakingsverzoek for 14 hours, treated, and then the court within the eight days, a judgement must pass. Against the judgment of the court is, however, still appeal is possible.

Vertenten was on October 11, held in the investigation of fraud and match fixing in the Belgian football. The 30-year-old referee was in suspicion of bribery and criminal organization. He sits still in the cell. On 8 november, the Antwerp chamber of incrimination to decide whether or not he is behind the bars.

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