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‘Crisis? I don’t understand what’s in the papers’

Ethan Horvath gives the Club hope after two successful performance

‘Crisis? I don’t understand what’s in the papers’

Against Genk keepte Ethan Horvath (23) again excellent, but more is needed to Bruges keepercrisis to exorcise.

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Ethan Horvath has played an excellent match against Racing Genk. Bruno Fahy/belga

Ethan Horvath gives the Club hope after two successful performance

‘Crisis? I don’t understand what’s in the papers’

Against Genk keepte Ethan Horvath (23) again excellent, but more is needed to Bruges keepercrisis to exorcise.


Clement: ‘Thumb for my team’

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Guillaume Maebe

GenkEen example of how the spirits among journalists, meanwhile, have matured. When Ethan Horvath thick twenty minutes before time, extracted with a very handsome reflexology on Bryan Heynen and the ball through Brandon Mechele in the direction of purpose caramboleerde, expecting everyone else to almost score a goal. ‘That boy always has bad luck, so it is almost logical that the ball would have gone, ” she said in the press room. Horvath, become synonym for adversity. Do you remember his first match ever for the Club. On a visit to Charleroi, he got a goal against because he thought a free-kick to take that there was none. Then you get a sticker on it. Only this time, in the Luminus Arena pasted the sticker.

Horvath remained intact. No clean sheet like last Tuesday against KV Oostende, but with his salvation, he picked up this time but points for his team. Or one point. “I am glad that I could contribute to the ploegprestatie,” said the American. ‘If you rescue the foot, that helps huge for your confidence. Every goalkeeper in the world would be a boost to get if he’s so’n save can do. I think the whole team a boost, after that rescue. In the almost two years that I am here, we have here in Genk just never better played. That point is deserved.’

Difficult times

That ‘never been better to play’, also applies to Horvath. And that is no easy feat for a goalkeeper that is increasing is his second match after months on the bench. And especially not if you know that he the previous season, began as number one, but in the meantime, Guillaume Hubert, Ludovic Butelle, Kenneth Vermeer, Vladimir Gabulov and Karlo Letica on his spot under the bar saw coming. Difficult times.

“I still have no idea who against Monaco will be goalkeeping, but I will prepare myself for as if I were under the lat will stand’

Ethan Horvath

Goalkeeper Club Brugge

“It was very hard for all these months not to be allowed to play,” says Horvath. ‘That is why I am so happy with my performance now. The only thing you can do is train and continue to believe.” Something the American all those months obviously is to continue to do that. In the Bruges corridors falls to hear that he is on and off the field for a long time made an impression. But the question is whether this is sufficiently strong in will to of the Bruges keeperscrisis a thing of the past. ‘It is tough times for Bruges keepers?’, ask Horvath. “I have no idea, because I don’t read the newspapers and hear no comments. I understand the language just isn’t. I only know that all of our goalkeepers every workout go for it.’

Cheering Letica

Something also after the match against Genk, it was clear. Letica jump immediately after affluiten in the arms of Horvath, crazy of joy. “We match quite well’, says Horvath. ‘Karlo was happy for me that I was allowed to play. Myself I hope of course that my chance has now come and that they should continue to take. Who in Monaco will play, we don’t know yet, but I will begin preparing as if I’m under the bar.’

Racing Genk – Club Brugge 1-1

10’ Ndongala 1-0, 53’ Writers 1-1


Clement: ‘Thumb for my team’

Genk-coach Philippe Clement was not unhappy with the point against his ex-club. ‘In terms of work ethic and discipline I can have my players not reproaching, but in the second half you saw that the gravy was missing’, he was referring to the busy program. “This was the fourth match in nine days.”

‘Congratulations to my players, ” said Clement at a press conference. ‘For the neutral spectator, this was a pleasant kijkstuk, already missing the match only to more doelkansen.’

And so it was a fair division of points in the Luminus Arena and that led to some mixed feelings. ‘I have after the match in the dressing room, a lot of cynical faces, ” says Clement. ‘And I’m very pleased with it. It proves that there is a lot of ambition in this group is.’ (edc)

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