Collection studio Maarten Toonder to museums

Drawings by Marten Toonder

It includes more than 25,000 stripstroken of Panda, and Kappie King Hollewijn and another 20.000 original strips from dozens of other comics that the Bearer and the employees of his studio. Also contains the collection, which is made available by Toonders granddaughter, sketches and random artwork, promotional material and correspondence.

The largest part of the archive is moved to the Literatuurmuseum in The Hague. The materials related to the Bommelfilm If you understand what I mean go to the Eye in Amsterdam. This was in 1983, the first cartoon of speelfilmlengte from Dutch soil.

Marten Toonder (1912-2005) was known as the writer and artist of Olivier B. Bommel and Tom Poes. The Literatuurmuseum see the collection as a beautiful addition to the personal archives of the writer, that it’s all in management. “With this archive, it can rightly be stated that our museum of the treasury of Toonders artistry,” says director Aad Meinderts.

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