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CoinGecko-quarter report: crypto-markets are thought to be healthier than

In cooperation with the master and the CoinGecko Team introduces its latest quarterly report on the General situation in the market of the crypto-Ecosystem. The CoinGecko Quarterly Report includes analyses on the Trends of the most important crypto-currencies, and considers the Status of ICOs, and Exchanges.

The crypto market is the CoinGecko-quarterly report for Q3 of 2018, according to a comparatively healthy. Clearly, the Trends show a sideways to downward. However, the lower volatility and increased trading volume compared to the.

In addition, the rates of the Top-5 Coins in one BTC, XRP, BCH and EOS are compared to the prior-year period higher. Winner is at this point EOS. The Coin was the quarter final by a whopping 708% higher than in the same period of 2017. The only child ETH loses provide 22 percent compared to the last year.

You look at the rates in the “Year-to-Date”view, so the 1. In January 2018, perform all of the Top-5 Coins, of course, be worse:

  1. BTC: -53 percent
  2. ETH: -70 percent
  3. XRP: -74%
  4. BCH: -78%
  5. EOS: -25 percent

Against all odds, the data show that the sideways running courses no appreciable influence on the volume of trade:

“In this quarter, the courses, and the market capitalization, in comparison to the previous quarter, less volatile. In spite of a declining price trend, the trading volumes remain at about the same level.“

Crypto-exchanges: Binance dominated

The report takes the view on certain metrics of the Exchanges. Industry giant Binance something more than space-deer and wins the race to the title with considerable margin. Investors act accordingly, solely on Binance crypto-currencies in the total value of over one billion US dollars a day. Runners up: Huobi, Bitfinex, Bithumb and Dobi.

ICOs: a Lot of hot air

The good old Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) come in the CoinGecko report. This is hardly surprising: Both the number of new ICOs as well as the amount of the accumulated Funding recorded a significant decline compared to Q2.

“The ICO market has weakened significantly. Only 1.59 billion dollars could be collected in the third quarter of 2018, compared with 7,73 billion dollars in the second quarter of 2018.“

According to the report, could be launched in Q3 “only” 388 ICOs. Compared to the 606 from the second quarter of the year, this is a clear incision.

Would you put 100 dollars in 34 projects, which are listed according to the ICO on Exchanges, you would have made a net loss of 749 US dollars. This is actually all that needs to be said on the subject of ICO.

Conclusion: A round thing

The CoinGecko report is colorful and clearly designed. The insights are, however, not. All data used are open-source and industry experts, the CoinGecko Quarterly Report does not provide values, insider info.

It is still worth to take a look into it. Especially the ICO section shows once more how little substance is behind the business ideas.

The CoinGecko Quarterly Report can be found here.

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