Christoff about his emotional rollercoaster in your House

Tuesday night will receive Eric Goens singer Christoff De Bolle in That house. Christoff looks back at its passage: “It was a mirror that I dished out was 24 hours long. It was an emotional rollercoaster.”
It all starts in the TV room, where Christoff images of one of his first gigs, as Ciske ‘Danny De Munk’ the rat. It brings immediately the heavy days of his youth back to top. On his tenth was a brain tumor. The successful operation was a miracle, there is Christoff, up till today, firmly convinced. And that has made him strong in his faith. In that period he got Rita to know, are clairvoyant, friend, second mother, counselor. How big is her role in the life and career of Christoff?

Last month asked Christoff, his friend Ritchie in marriage on the stage of the German television show Schlagerboom. Richie said ‘yes’. In That house tells Christoff for the first time about the then-budding relationship with his new friend. And about the ‘Yes’ that he already got. Not Ritchie but his clairvoyant Rita. A sign for Christoff.
In the shade of the vineyards of Wellington is Christoff peace and talks openly about his faith and about his demons. How he by his teachers and peers was bullied when he was a teenager, the Soundmixhow had won. About the humiliation and the exploitation by his former manager. “I’m much too sensitive for this world.” And the rollercoaster goes on in the nursery. When the retrieval of the memories will Christoff be difficult.

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