Cat and Lyn crawling drunk behind the wheel

Tuesday to investigate Cat and Lyn Kerkhofs the effect of alcohol on their physical well-being. And the impact of alcohol on the human body is nowhere more dangerous than in the traffic. Still, Belgians are stubborn, because still creep a lot of people drunk behind their steering wheel. But how dangerous is that? The ladies have agreed with the driving instructor, who will accompany them during the driving under the influence on a closed circuit. But, first things first: they refuel themselves full of alcohol and in doing so, they appeal to an old acquaintance: bartender Donald.
The sisters also go to a typical volkscafé, where there are already of an early-morning beers tapped. Who is there so early at the café? And why they drink all the alcohol?
Normally, sport and alcohol is a no-go, but this time not: Cat and Lyn testing wine, yoga, a bubble in LA and London.

Lyn also has an unpleasant surprise for the Cat, as revenge on the blind dates. She wants that Cat is going to babysit to see if she is ready for motherhood, but with a massive hangover is not a gift … “This is truly a black day in my life. If I had children yourself, I swear that I never more go out,” says Cat despondently to her mother.

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