Cameroon separatists kidnap dozens of students

Armed separatists have 79 students of a christian high school kidnapped in the west of Cameroon. They ask that the school doors close and hope to so create chaos in the English-speaking region.

The students, all between 11 and 17 years old, were on Sunday night in the city of Bamenda kidnapped, reports Samuel Fonki Forba, the head of the presbyterian church in the country to dpa. Also the head teacher and two other staff members have been kidnapped, let the governor of the region know. The kidnappers are not asking for ransom, but demands that the school is closed. “We have no choice. We will the school close’, says Forba.

In Cameroon, a former French colony in West Africa, speaks to the majority of the 23 million inhabitants French. Only a minority is in English, and who lives at the border with Nigeria. They berate for a while that they are treated as second-class citizens and less support from the government.

Since two English regions, in 2016, announced that they of the country want to tear it and a new state would form under the name Ambazonia, there is unrest in Cameroon. According to Amnesty International, escalates the deadly violence in the English regions this year. The past few months, armed separatists and soldiers killed, schools burnt down and teachers were attacked. At the same time, torturing the security people, they fire on the crowds, they carry out arbitrary arrests, and they destroy villages in the English regions, report human rights groups.

Already more than 300,000 people in the area fled. They departed into the wilderness or to the major cities in neighbouring regions and to Nigeria.

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