Building Off The Grid: Travel Channel builds unique houses in remote areas

Adventure trumps this month on Travel Channel, because Building Off the Grid is back with a vengeance. A few intrepid adventurers draw out every Thursday back on and fight against the elements of nature to create unique houses in remote areas to build.

On november 15, begins the series with Bottle Island, followed on 22 november by White Mountain, where an avid outdoorsman relies on a little help from his friends to a cabin in the remote mountains of Alaska. They work their way through the snow and mud to this job in just seven days to get it done. On 29 nobember decisions of the sturdy builders with the construction of the ultimate and special Maine Mountain Home. Houses can’t really get any weirder than these buildings!

View “Building Off The Grid” as of november 15, 2018 every Thursday at 21h on the Travel Channel!

Travel Channel is available on channel 102 in the tv-bundle Entertainment Channels on Proximus TV.

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