British army recruits in the netherlands and abroad

In order to respond to the decreasing number of recruits in the British army, the government, the eligibility requirements more lenient. Foreign nationals from the Commonwealth should no longer first in the United Kingdom have lived to join.

Under the current law, citizens from the Commonwealth, such as India, Australia, Kenya, Fiji and Sri Lanka, only to join the army when they first five years in the United Kingdom lived. It is the ministry of Defence to bring about change. The measure, the repeal of the woonvereiste, probably Monday proposed.

The British army is looking to 8.200 new soldiers to the air force, navy, and army to strengthen. That is, according to the independent watchdog, National Audit Office, the biggest deficit since 2010. According to The Telegraph, who first reported about the plan, the air force and the navy immediately begin the recruitment. The army will not be until early next year jobs open up. The government hopes so annual to 1,350 new recruits to attract.

The government now release all 200 foreign nationals for a limited number of jobs to perform. The limit of 200 will therefore now be lifted. Women have been allowed since last month also apply for every job in the army.

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