British army embraces immigrant

LONDON – The British army set the door wide open for immigrants. It is intended that every year 1350 immigrants from the Commonwealth are welcomed. In this way the shortage of soldiers in the British army are paid.

The British armed forces, immigrants need to have their power to preserve it.

The recruitment of the British army, air force and navy comes at a time when the popularity of the army is under pressure. The number of suicides of soldiers who have come back from employment in especially Iraq and Afghanistan, the past year, with appalling injuries. At the end of september again five miltairen committed suicide, as was last week. This year, there is a 42 suicides among serving or former soldiers.

The high pressure of the military existence means that there is currently a shortage of more than 8,000 soldiers in a total force of slightly less than 100,000 persons.

The welcome of immigrants is also salient, because the past few years, with man and power is sought to the number of immigrants to decrease. That was even the main reason for many Brits to a departure from the European Union to vote.

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