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Bearing Point study shows growing Blockchain interest in the company

Bearing Point study shows growing Blockchain interest in the company

Home News Bearing Point study shows growing Blockchain interest in the company

Matthias Nemack –

To the many analyses that deal with the role of Blockchain technology for businesses, shows the growing importance of crypto currencies. Leaders, according to a recent study of the service provider Bearing Point, recognize the technological and economic Benefits increasingly.

Small survey with great explanatory power?

A total of 80 leaders from various areas of the industry, chemistry, pharmaceuticals division up to the fast-growing “Life Sciences” of the interrogated analysts of the consulting company Bearing Point for your new study on the topic of Blockchain. The results make it increasingly hope that German companies not to miss this important Trend. In contrast to many other Trends of the past, after it looked like quite a long time, as Bitcoin would not arrive until much too late in the consciousness of the German companies. After all, 59 percent of the survey participants reported within the study, that the Blockchain is now become the subject. With 36 percent of the technology is not expected to be in the world of Finance the highest priority.

Rising curiosity – the increased use of seems to be secure until 2021

In the future, but it could lead to a redistribution, if you believe the data from the survey. So can imagine four out of ten respondents to the use of the Blockchain, especially in the sector of the distribution well, 39 % of the survey participants expect the technical basis of currencies such as Ethereum in the shopping area of good chances. In the field of Supply Chain Management, there are only 23 percent of the respondents Manager, the the Blockchain to be understood as a way of the future. More important for the success of the Blockchain: 52 percent of the companies representatives can plan according to his own statement, the entry in the technology. 47 per cent holding, in turn, the use of earlier within the three-year period.

Discrepancy between interest and actual activity

In the home, Bearing Point, the evaluation shows that there is still a difference between the perception of the possibilities of the Blockchain on the one hand, and their early application on the other. It is questionable whether the company can successfully implement timely plans of their own in order to survive in global competition. This is because countries such as the USA and the UK, the competition is ahead in many areas already a big step. The reluctance in this country is so strange, because the respondents do not see two-thirds of good opportunities for process optimization through the Blockchain. And also with a view to reducing costs over many participants (44 %) rate the technology as a big help. No wonder, then, that in the meantime, cities like Vienna use their own currencies by the authorities. If for the time being in smaller niches such as in this case, in the context of the employee catering.

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