Axl Rose: music Trump not to stop

Guns ‘n Roses singer Axl Rose

“So you guys know: like many other artists who oppose unauthorized use of their music at political events are, Guns N’ Roses officially requested that our music is not to be used on rallies of Trump, or events which with Trump”, let the leader of the band know. “Unfortunately Trumps campaign use of the small print in terms and licenses locations have signed up, which is not intended for political purposes.”

Personally see the singer, the humour of ’Trump supporters during a rally to listen to anti-Trump-music’. Yet he felt compelled to explain why his music is heard on such events ’for when you are on the news Sweet Child of Mine heard playing during a political meeting’. “As a band, we felt it necessary to explain that.”

Guns N’ Roses is not the first musical act that is not happy with the musical selections of Trump. Pharrell Williams and threatened last week to the president to complain. Trump had on the day that eleven people were shot to death in a synagogue in Pittsburgh, the song Happy, the artist set up during a meeting. Also Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler and the heirs of Prince have Trump threatened with lawsuits because of the use of music without their permission.

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